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2 months ago I got wind that Tim Hoffman (see: ).

In case none of you remember, Mr. Hoffman was eventually popped by the FCC back in late 1996 for $6,000 for malicious interference and other nastiness.

It seems that He has again started in on the local ham community.

The latest Viction: k7rqm (Peter Knoll). Mr. hoffman and friends have been calling his HOA pretending to be his neighbors and complain when he even sets up an antenna on his car.

Other incidents have even included harrassing and threatening phone calls (I should know, I spoke with peter at some length on this and suggested he seek legal help for the phone calls, etc).

Now, I haven't heard any of these people on the amateur frequencies yet, but given the type of personalities we are dealing with here, its highly likely these nitwits will escelate this before too long.

Unfortunately, I don't see the FCC being very helpful on this matter any time soon.

At this point, I do not wish to see a repeat of the fiasco from 1993 through to late 1996 (once was more then enough).

if anyone on here has any reasonable advise or suggestions, I'll forward them to peter.

serious replies only please.



First off Eric - the word is Victim, not 'Viction'.

By reading the above, you will get the idea that Tim is screwing with Peter Noll aka K7RQM on the amateur band.  That's what I would think if I didn't know any better.  However, that is not the case.  On so many levels, that statement above is misleading.  First off, it is true that several of us have been calling Pete's HOA to get him shut down.  However, the fact of the matter is that this is because Peter Noll, K7RQM, is transmitting on 27.3850 MHz (CB Channel 38 emission J3E, Lower Sideband) and not on amateur bands.  Pete uses a modified Yaesu FT1000D amateur transceiver on the aforementioned CB Channel 38, 27.3850 MHz J3E LSB, along with an 8K Henry amplifier.  Pete is very foul mouthed on the CB using the aforementioned contraband equipment, and as a registered, licensed amateur operator, Pete should not be doing this.  Examples of Pete's operation on CB channel 38 using Lower Sideband can be listened to here, here, here, here, here and here (WARNING, FOUL LANGUAGE, DISCREPANCY IS ADVISED).

Tim is not bothering anyone on the amateur bands, and from day one has been a target of Pete's aggression.  Pete likes to wave that $6,000 fine around out there on the CB, ignoring his own self peril by operating his contraband equipment on the CB frequencies the way he does.  Tim was never a licensed amateur; Pete is.  As is Eric.  These two people go around and cause trouble wherever they can.  Eric cannot get away from the fact that he was a target of Tim in the past, and that Tim received his punishment over 12 years ago.  He cannot let this go. 

Remember, this is all happening on CB radio and not amateur radio.  Keep that in mind when you read Eric's post above.


A note to Eric:

Sure, you're probably going to run across this page sooner or later.  After all, I have used a lot of keywords that help a search engine find it.  My suggestion to you is to let it go.  Get over it already.


Update:  05/10/09:

Glancing at the above mentioned link to QRZ does indeed reveal that Eric has discovered this page.  This is a good thing, because it lets me explain some more misconceptions.

First, Eric, I do not know you.  I do not know Pete and I do not know Tim - I have never met any of the three of you.  With this being said, I hold no unnatural bias toward any side, but I do form an opinion on what I know about what's going on.  First, you still cannot get over the issue of you and Tim.  This is 12+ years in the past, do get over it.  When you relive it again and again, it controls you.  It dominates your thought process.  It filters your emotions.  It prevents you from growing personally and it also seduces you into the behavior that you presently exhibit.  It makes Tim the 'victor' in your imaginary war with him.  You need to let it go and move forward.

 What's going on between Tim and Pete I cannot know how it got started, because I was on a sabbatical from the radio when it started i.e. it was in full swing when I went back on the air in late '07.  For months before I heard Tim start attacking him, he would attack Tim by calling him things like 'hunk o' lard Hoffman' and other things to start trouble.  However, if Tim is having a problem with Pete and vice versa, that is between them and it does not involve you.  Or me.  You are involved because you see vindication in it - getting back at Tim for what he did to you 12+, 15 years ago.  Having said all of this, I have formed the opinion that Pete is nothing but a troublemaker on the CB band.  My personal problem with Pete began in earnest in Oct. 2007 when I was talking to him on the radio and asked him a simple, honest question about 10 minutes into the conversation, and that question was "why do you badmouth people out here and try to key over them?" ... his response was to call me every word in the book and then start treating me like he does most others.  Personally, I have no use or tolerance for someone with such an attitude.

Now, to answer you in direct response (and keep it off of QRZ at the same time as I have an account there too), I am not trying to muddy already murky waters.  I am trying to clear them while you constantly try to muddy them.  Saying that I am "trying to give a lesson in proper spelling and diction" is pretty much a personal attack, but if the shoe fits I will wear it.  However, this attack does show you for who you are.

As to those "there's references to some streaming files in there demonstrating that peter may have brought this on himself", rest assured those files are genuine and have not been modified in any way, other than to excerpt them from a full length recording made on my PC from my Cobra 2000 (the full, unmodified .wav files of the recordings are on my drive if you would like to one day personally verify them, but bring lunch because there are hours of recordings), and were used in an enforcement action against Pete involving the FCC via Carla Ackley, the Phoenix area OO.

As for the equipment Pete is running, I have recordings of him, in his own voice, telling this to other people on rare occasions where he actually talked and didn't cause trouble.  I also have friends who have personally seen the equipment, first hand.  As for the Henry amplifier, he only used that for about a two week stretch at the beginning of 2008.  He does run his Yaesu FT1000D on 11 meters.


Always remember this, Eric.  Everything that this article (and your post) refers to is something that happens on 11 meters, and you're involving a ham forum on it.  That reflects on you as a ham - do other amateurs care about what goes on over on 11 meters?  Not most of them.  You dwell on it.